6. February 2015

Automated thick-film soldering paste inline wet inspection in real time for gearbox control units

First inline inspection of moist thick-layered integrated circuits in real time carried out by Wickon Hightech.

The manufacturing line is ideally configured to ensure the installed processes have approximately the same process times.
It takes 12 seconds for the SMT line to absorb the paste, 25 seconds to perform the placement and reflow soldering process; this means that at least 50 % of the paste printer would remain unused.

Inspection is performed in real time. Thus, the time necessary for ceramic bases with a size of 100 mm x 120 mm and side resolution of 10 µm (link to report) is only 4.5 seconds, while the line cycle is about 5 seconds.
We also guarantee the 4.5 second cycle for larger products, reaching sizes of up to 130 mm x 160 mm.