Roman Wieser

In 2006 Mr. Roman Wieser founded Wickon Hightech, with its headquarters in Hovorčovice near Prague.
He gains his driving energy from the ability to turn his ideas into reality. Technology has always fascinated him, and Wickon Hightech gives him the opportunity to fill customers with that same enthusiasm.

Constant product development and the complete utilization of all technological possibilities were his priorities when Wickon Hightech was founded – and the same is true today.

We are a child of manufacturing – Mr. Wieser started out at a major electronics factory, Siemens VDO (today’s Continental AG), where until his departure he was responsible for the field of industrial engineering. He forged this division out of several departments and elevated it to a world-class level.
His responsibilities included introducing manufacturing-system quality assurance and ensuring material flows during manufacturing.

That’s why we so strongly emphasize designing products that are closely tied with real production.

The German branch of Wickon Hightech is located in Landau an der Isar.


Key responsibilities

Wickon Hightech offers solutions for processes that until recently had to make do without optical monitoring. All our products are developed, manufactured, and sold by us directly. We thus can offer our customers top-of-the-line flexibility and quality. We purchase automation equipment from the top German manufacturers, and so we can fully concentrate on our main job.

We work with our customers to develop individual solutions, adapted precisely to their needs. This enables us to create substantial added value.
Wickon Hightech – a partner for special and standard monitoring equipment solutions.



Our technology enables a wide range of applications that in the past would have raised your costs. Today we handle inspection for the processes listed below. And tomorrow? Thanks to your ideas, we’re discovering new ones every day. Turn to us.

  • In-line 2D/3D
  • Screen printing and rotary screen printing
  • Thick and thin layer
  • Wet and dry paste
  • Laser structuring
  • Multilayer PCB
  • Fuel cells
  • Fastening
  • Mounted PCBs
  • NEW: Reflow
  • NEW: Bonding wires



Our customers in the automotive industry, communications, medicine, the military, aviation, astronautics, the consumer-goods industry, and EMS monitor and stabilize their processes with the help of our systems.

We help you to produce high-quality, error-free products, and we lower your costs as well. We offer the right optical monitoring solutions for your processes.

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