Why do we see things
others do not?

Precise repeatability is possible because our concept anticipates the linear drive, on which the camera is attached, will only move in one direction.
The result is no jerky and quick movements, but even and constant movement, which is significantly demonstrated in the repeating accuracy.

Another reason is the various lighting options for a single scanning process; the combination with line cameras was considered impossible for a long time.

We have partially developed and patented solutions with the help of which we can mutually combine various technologies.

This really makes it possible to achieve a resolution lower than 1 µm.


CeTaQ confirms repeatability. For the first time, the supplier of inspection solutions is inspected by an independent company.


There are other factors that play a role:


All sources are being checked – no loss of speed, with all details.

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Our modular concept makes it possible to individually combine random options, for example, product resolution, speed and size.

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