A Modular System

The assembly-line approach to customers is alien to us. That’s why Wickon Hightech promotes an individual approach based on building blocks.

See for yourself: you and only you are our driving force. Using your ideas and our experience, we’re creating a system with great added value.

It’s built-to-order for you and will fit you much better than a mass-produced product.

Special Customer Requests

Special circumstances demand special systems. With mass-produced systems, you can only achieve mass-produced results. Do you want to define your own new possibilities, or would you like to be dependent on a system whose development streams have already run dry?

With us, you define your options yourself.

Everything Fits Together

Thanks to the variety of possibilities we offer, you’ll be able to adapt your work to get the maximum out of your product or process. These possibilities come inside of our individual technologies, some of which we have developed ourselves and patented. They still contain a wealth of unused potential. We await your challenges – we’ve got a soft spot for new technologies!

We’ll show you our possibilities.



We use line scan cameras in place of the area scan cameras that are so widespread today. These were long considered a hard-to-control optical monitoring tool because they were unknown in this context and certain lighting technologies did not yet exist. Line scan cameras have many excellent features, including very high recording speed and many and varied lighting options. No matter whether it’s a black-and-white or color camera, whether it’s large or small – we combine all the best features to your benefit.


You can use many different lighting technologies, depending on your particular product. Use them alone or in combination to reveal for you what stays hidden for others.

Diffusion light: provides an evenly lit image

Top light: highlights structural changes

Passing light: provides added contrast

Dark field lighting: highlights relevant sub-areas


When trying both technologies, you can achieve either a resolution below 1 µm or a view speed above 300 cm²/s.
Thanks in large part to your ideas, we are striving to be able to one day merge these two values.


The secret to our success is that we focus on our strengths. We insist on having our automation equipment manufactured by only the top German manufacturers, so that we can concentrate on you.


Huge quantities of data have to be processed in a fraction of a second. To avoid long delays, we are constantly developing and expanding our software. Our customers then enjoy the benefits.


Our camera follows a highly precise axis during scanning, ensuring the stability needed in order to obtain very high accuracy. 
This ±3.0 µm @ 6 sigma repeatability has even been tested and confirmed by an independent party. Incidentally we are the only company that can boast such confirmation. Read message…

Everything fits together.

The challenge lies in the interaction between individual technologies. Would you like to have your own system, one optimally customized to meet your needs and fit your product? An affordable, high-quality product custom-built to fit your needs and help you to further optimize your workflow?

Let us know! We’re glad to help.

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There are other factors that play a role:


Our promise of quality: accurate laboratory measurements, now available for your manufacturing process.

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All sources are being checked – no loss of speed, with all details.

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