Why are we faster?

Our high-performance camera is therefore capable of achieving inspection speeds that exceed 300 cm²/s. It all comes down to the camera we use – the line camera.

Line cameras are cameras, which only display light-sensitive lines (line sensor) – unlike the 2D sensor, which has many lines. Though line sensors display about the same pixel sizes as blanket sensors, the line length can be much larger. Instead of the maximum width of 1-4 thousand pixels for blanket sensors, the line camera can display 17 thousand pixels or more. The line camera offers a better 3D resolution for the specified field. In addition to this, a line can be read much quicker than an area.
Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeilenkamera

Benefit for you

Process speed inspection – no time lost

The inspection of your products can therefore be carried out in real time. Real time inspection report

100% inspection of all products

Random testing is a thing of the past, because since we are so quick, the inspection can be performed for each board. 100% of the base is inspected with a single scan. Achieve maximum coverage. We see everything!

Defect detection during the occurrence of defects

With this information, you can improve your process much quicker than with standard systems. For example, Closed-Loop regulation directly after moist paste printing.

Errors are useful, however, only when you manage to find them quickly enough.
John Maynard Keynes


There are other factors that play a role:


Our promise of quality: accurate laboratory measurements, now available for your manufacturing process.

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Our modular concept makes it possible to individually combine random options, for example, product resolution, speed and size.

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