31. August 2015

Wickon SPEEDCube in the media

Proudly we may present to you our small appearance in the Abendschau of the Bavarian television broadcasting.
In this contribution it is about glass manufacturing in the today’s time which our customer, makes.
By means of screen print procedure silver paste is raised directly on the glass, so that electric conductors originate.

Starting from minute 03:00 the “controller”, or the Wickon Hightech SPEEDCube 3D SPI is to see.
This special construction was developed together with our customer and his demands.

Inside of the machine is our proven SPEEDCube system which compares the taken image with the Gerber data by line scan camera. Therefore the failure can be recognized in 3D.
The machine is laid out to be able to check very small, as well as much lager substrates. Individuality and easy usability played a big role with this project.